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Town Point Park

...Town Point Park is the People's Park, providing eight acres of peaceful outdoor spaces, nestled on the riverbanks of the Elizabeth River and located in the heart of the business district in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

...But Town Point Park is more than a green space of peace and tranquility in an urban setting. It is a social place where friends meet, eat lunch, chat, stroll, listen to music, work on the wireless network, or simply relax, taking a break from a busy schedule. ...Town Point Park is more than a premier waterfront park, with incredible views of the Elizabeth River harbor ...during select weekends throughout the year the Park transforms into an epicenter of activity, celebrating the joy of life with signature special events that provide culturally enriched experiences for the public.  It is the intention of the City of Norfolk and Norfolk Festevents to serve the public and enhance its neighborhoods by providing green space and cultural enrichment to all who visit.

...Lush River View Landscapes
Town Point Park's lush river view landscapes are a large part of Norfolk's recently renovated downtown park.  A total of ten different tree species that include Regal Elm, Darlington Oak, Nuttall Oak, and Princeton Ginkgo makeup the 186 newly planted trees.  These trees are accompanied by a variety of seasonal ornamental trees, 1,365 shrubs, 2,270 perennials, and 8,422 ornamental grasses and ground covers, all designed to create color and vibrancy throughout the park.

... Fountains and Public Art 
In addition to beautiful landscapes and a magnificent river view, park guests will discover an artful fence running along the Park's edge, depicting "Norfolk Memories", and two new fountains; one interactive fountain that will dance and play with you and a second fountain made for wishing and coin tossing.

Oceanview / Beach Park


This unique 6.5-acre beach park, is considered the jewel of Ocean View. The park has a large band shell for presentations and dancing, a beach with lifeguards in the summer, a boardwalk, beach handicap access ramp, and lots of open green space.