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Town Point Park Brick Campaign


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Orders will be placed in Town Point Park within 60 days after receipt of your order. 

By now everyone has read, seen or heard about the renovations to one of Norfolk's premier locations, Town Point Park. The Turning Point Project continues to offer the public the opportunity to pave their way into Norfolk history. 

Support the Turning Point Project with commemorative pavers and bricks that will be installed in the newly renovated Town Point Park These make perfect gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. 

For each order, 
A Turning Point Park Project Keepsake Certificate
Will be shipped to you depicting
the personalized inscriptions 
that appear on each brick, marker or plaque.
By donating and additional $50 (4x8 bricks only) or 
$75 (8x8 bricks only) a commemorative Replica Brick 
will be sent to you.  

This legacy gift is the perfect choice for anyone that has appreciated and enjoyed events in Town Point Park's rich, twenty-six year history. If you're thinking a larger gift is more appropriate, adopt a new park bench or tree, or mark someone's important legacy to the Norfolk waterfront through major contributions recognized in bronze plaques along the new Waterside Walk, at the Park Entrances, or through limited naming rights for the new Band Shell and Performance Amphitheatre.

The commemorative bricks and markers are used to pave the walkways and plazas of the newly renovated and landscaped waterfront park; park benches and trees line paths leading to new fountains and winding through newly designed green spaces and seating areas.

Personalize these limited commemorative elements for yourself, your friends or family members. Or choose to honor colleagues, clients, an organization or a special individual. Years of special memories made at the park and along the downtown waterfront can now be captured and celebrated for generations to come.

All contributions are tax deductible and will help meet the construction funraising goal and provide financial support for future improvements and enhancements to the waterfront programs. The following are the opportunities available:

$150      4" x 8" Individual Brick
$300      8" x 8" Family Brick
$5,000   24" x 24" Company/Group Marker
$5,000   Park Bench 2" x 10" Bronze Plaque
$5,000   Park Tree 8" x 8" Bronze Plaque 

Contributions of  $25,000 and greater will be recognized on handsome bronze plaques to be inset in a series of brick columns lining the new Waterside Walk along Waterside Drive.

For further information on Town Point Park and/or The Turning Point Project contact Norfolk Festevents at 757-441-2345.

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Click here to watch Norfolk Perspecitves with Bob Batcher interview with Karen Scherberger and the new park!!

You may use a variety of characters and punctuation marks when personalizing your bricks, including: capital letters (A-Z); numerals(0-9); Roman Numerals (III, V, X, etc.) ampersand (&); star (*); period (.); comma (,); apostrophe ('); quotation marks ("); dash or hyphen (-); parentheses (); plus sign (+); forward slash (/); exclamation point (!); question mark (?); colon (:); and heart (♥) See Message Regulations and Guidelines for Instructions.

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