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Park Trees


Orders will be placed in Town Point Park within 60 days after receipt of your order. 

Park Trees $5,000

A limited number of park trees have been chosen for patron sponsorship. These trees are located along the Waterside Walk, select locations around Festival Field, Otter Berth and the Waterside Landing.

$5,000   Park Tree with 8"x 8" bronze plaque mounted on a 10" x10" precast base, to be placed at base of tree in grass. 6 lines of text; 18 characters per line; space and punctuations count as characters.

Ordering is Easy!

You may use a variety of characters and punctuation marks when personalizing your bricks, including: capital letters (A-Z); numerals(0-9); Roman Numerals (III, V, X, etc.) ampersand (&); star (*); period (.); comma (,); apostrophe ('); quotation marks ("); dash or hyphen (-); parentheses (); plus sign (+); forward slash (/); exclamation point (!); question mark (?); colon (:); and heart (♥) See Message Regulations and Guidelines for Instructions.


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