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Bricks and Markers - North Gate






Orders will be placed in Town Point Park within 60 days after receipt of your order.

Bricks and Markers - North Gate  $150 to $5,000

The North Gate is one of two primary entry points to Town Point Park, and also serves as the entry plaza for the Half Moon Cruise Terminal, adjacent to Nauticus. The North Gate plaza features attractive landscaping, sidewalks, lighting and seating. Additionally, a unique water feature designed as original public art is a signature element at the North Gate. Entering from the North Gate, visitors can move into "Festival Field" and the "Homecoming Memorial Lawn", each area connecting to the waterfront promenade via paved walkways. The Festival Field is a site for secondary stages and lawn seating, open air stages, exhibits and demonstrations, open air tasting events e.g. the Fall and Spring Wine Festivals, large tented activities and attractions, athletic activities, and more. The Homecoming Memorial Lawn is the site for ceremonies, processions and other commemorative events. 

$150  4" x 8" INDIVIDUAL BRICK laid into the pathways and plazas.  3 lines of text; 18 characters per line; space and punctuations count as characters.

$300  8" x 8" FAMILY BRICK laid into the pathways and plazas. 6 lines of text; 18 characters per line; space and punctuations count as characters.

$5,000 24"x 24" COMPANY/GROUP MARKER laid into the pathways and plazas. Logos and text engraving will be custom designed with the sponsor included in the cost of the contribution.

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 You may use a variety of characters and punctuation marks when personalizing your bricks, including: capital letters (A-Z); numerals(0-9); Roman Numerals (III, V, X, etc.) ampersand (&); star (*); period (.); comma (,); apostrophe ('); quotation marks ("); dash or hyphen (-); parentheses (); plus sign (+); forward slash (/); exclamation point (!); question mark (?); colon (:); and heart (♥) See Message Regulations and Guidelines for Instructions.

Credit Cards are not processed on this site, you will be mailed a seperate invoice for your purchase

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