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For too long, the world of wine has been reserved for certain folks. That's so 20th century.

Join a group of easy-going experts, led by Patrick Evans-Hylton, at Norfolk Festevents' Spring Wine Festival on May 7 and May 8, 2016 for fun and informative Somm-inars.

Grab a glass and learn how to swirl to open up the bouquet, inhale the fragrance in the glass and take note of the subtle nuances, and sip to pick up the myriad of flavors as they dance across your palate. All the while, ask questions and take notes in the provided field guide so you can learn to quaff with the best of them.

There are several somm-inars each day covering a variety of engaging topics that will make you fall in love with Virginia wine all over again.

The experience is limited to the first 45 people for each session, first come first served.
There is no additional fee to attend the somm-inar sessions.

Spring Wine Fest


11:30am: Swirl & Sip Like a Sommelier
(basic wine education)

1:00pm: Drinking in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

(wines for Spring and Summer)

2:30pm: A Perfect Pair: Virginia Seafood and Sips


1:00pmSwirl & Sip Like a Sommelier
(basic wine education; slightly different wines than previous day)

2:30pm:  The Sommelier’s Blind!
(Blind tasting by Somms & guests)


We’ve all seen folks do it; swirl a glass of wine, stick their nose down in it, and take a delicate little sip before declaring it magnifique. Well, you don’t have to be quite that dramatic, but there are ways to swirl and sip to fully enjoy a glass of wine, taste like a Sommelier, and become educated on Virginia Varietals.


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