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Participating BBQ Vendors


Belmont House of Smoke

Belmont House of Smoke may be the best bbq around but they did not get that way over night. It took years of culinary and customer experience. In 2009 Belmont began cooking real barbecue-- quality meats rubbed with our own spices and cooked low and slow over a wood burning fire. The result was awesome. Real Urban Barbecue (a.k.a R.U.B.) right in the heart of Ghent! So with the help of employees, friends and family, Belmont House of Smoke was born.




Smoke BBQ

Smoke's not just about preparing food for customers! We prepare all our dishes just as we do for our family and friends. Using fresh, local, natural ingredients with our hardwood smoked meats makes the restaurant and catering services the best in the area.



Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey's Barbecue Pit prides itself on authenticity, innovation and barbecue sauce, one store at a time. With roots in Dallas, Travis Dickey set out to perfect Texas-style barbecue. In 1941, Travis Dickey opened the first Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Dallas, Texas. Space on the restaurant's sign was rented out to help pay the start-up costs for the restaurant and the menu was limited to beef brisket, pit hams, barbecue beans, potato chips, beer, bottled milk and sodas.  Today, every location smokes all of their meats on-site at the restaurant the same way it was done in 1941. Dickey's serves up beef brisket, pulled pork, ham, polish sausage, turkey breast and chicken, with an extensive array of home-style sides from jalapeño beans to macaroni and cheese


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 Jake's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

There’s no cookin’ like slow cookin at Jake’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que in Virginia Beach. Great barbecue comes from hours of slow cooking over a real hardwood fire which creates that unique mouth watering flavor. Come and taste for yourself why people from all over the Hampton Roads area rave about the great barbecue at Jake's.


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 Malbon's BBQ "The Flying Pig"

With the help of his wife, Nichole Malbon, John and his "Flying Pig" truck helped spearhead the local food truck scene. Being one of the first food trucks in Hampton Roads, John and Nichole helped shape the local foodie revolution- joining forces in 2012 with Eat The Streets 757.  Since it's first season out the "Flying Pig" has been a mainstay at Town Point Park as well as the ODU Football games at SB Ballard Stadium! Look for the "Flying Pig" all over Hampton Roads! 




Ronnie's Ribs, Wings & Other Things

Ronnie’s Ribs, Wings & Other Things strives to bring you the best in Southern-Style Barbeque and deliver you an experience that you will never forget. Their mission is to provide great food and superior customer service. Customer satisfaction is their paramount objective. Ronnie’s Ribs provides mobile catering and event planning. They also have a retail location on East Main Street in Richmond, VA, and Ronnie's ships ready to prepare Southern-Style barbeque to every corner of the U.S., and even overseas.




CXB BBQ and Eats

CXB BBQ and Eats started up in 2013. The owners, Mike and Amanda Clifford are food enthusiasts with a passion for BBQ. Mike has cooked locally for over twenty years in restaurants in the area, but has always loved to barbecue. His love of barbecue brought him to complete the Carolina Pit Master School in 2013 and start this catering company with his wife Amanda. They can cater any event or prepare the BBQ and food ahead of time and drop it off for your party or celebration. We slow smoke all of our meats and make all our sauces and sides fresh and with lots of love.




Downtown Norfolk's popular Bobby-Q BBQ Food Truck will return to Ribtoberfest in 2015!

 Other BBQ Vendors to include: Omar's Pig & Swig, Grace & Sarah BBQ, Southern Boys BBQ, and more!


Smack Your Momma Good Sassy Sauce Bar

Thai Basil AJI 
Thai Chili Sauce 
Coconut Harissa 
Ghost Vindaloo 
Pumpkin Panag 

Honey Habanero Sauce 

BBQ & RIB Sauce Texas Style 

Gourmet Spicy-Sweet Relish 
Gourmet Sweet Relish 
Hot Sweet Gourmet Relish 
Gourmet Hot-Sweet Relish 

A Tangy Virginia BBQ Sauce 
Big Julie’s Bold & Sassy BBQ Sauce 
Big Julie’s All Purpose BBQ Rub 

The Original Sassy BBQ 
Wild Boar Premium Barbeque Sauce 

Tulip Poplar 

Kickin’ Pineapple BBQ w/Honey Bourbon 
Hot Smokin’ Chipotle BBQ w/Apricot Brandy 

Virginia Style BBQ Sauce 

Southern Style BBQ Sauce