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Boater Regulations

All vessels must register with the Norfolk Festevents representative, hereinafter referred to as "Management", upon arrival.

The Management shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and vessels while staying at the Town Point Park Promenade hereinafter referred to as "The Promenade".

No maintenance, painting or repair of vessels is permitted while tied up at the Promenade.

All piers must be kept clear of material i.e.: hose, dinghies, cushions, etc. No water hoses or shore power cords can be positioned to and from land to adjacent vessels.

The owner/operator of vessels utilizing the Promenade shall be held responsible for his/her guests and any damage caused by said vessel. Boisterous conduct and loud music will not be tolerated.

If a boat owner cannot be located after a reasonable attempt has been made, the Management reserves the right to have a vessel moved to another location at the owners expense without it's being held liable for any damages that result.

The discharge of bilge fluid or raw sewage is prohibited.

No fishing, swimming, diving or crabbing is permitted while at the Promenade.

Commercial advertising, including "For Sale" signs is prohibited

No vessel may engage in boat charters, the sale of merchandise and services, or any other commercial enterprise.

All refuse and trash must be contained on vessel. Items such as waste oil and batteries cannot be offloaded.

Open fires are not permitted.

Laundry is not to be hung from boat rigging, lifelines, pulpits or the docks.

Vessels that are abandoned or whose owners have not paid dockage fees will be impounded
and/or towed by the management at the owner's expense.

No pets are allowed off vessel at anytime.

Boats that are not marked or identified and licensed as required by law will not be permitted to use the Promenade facilities.

Boats must be in seaworthy condition and not constitute a fire hazard.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at the Promenade unless in conjunction with beverages purchased and consumed in Town Point Park at an authorized special event, or while on board the vessel (such beverages may not leave the boat) at the Promenade.

The Management reserves the right to have raised and have repaired at the owners expenses any boat that sinks for any reason while at the Promenade.

No refunds.

No rafting will be allowed, unless authorized by Management or in conjunction with an authorized special event.

The management reserves the right to deny access and revoke privileges to any person or vessels failing to comply with the above Rules and Regulations.

Boats are NOT ALLOWED to be docked overnight at Town Point Park. Once an event is over, boaters must leave the park along with the other event goers. Boats left overnight will be fined.



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